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NFC Hacker Starter Kit - USB Writer + 25 Stickers (NTAG203, Topaz 512, Ultralight and Mifare Classic 1K chips) - Hacker Kit


For those new to the NFC game, the variety of form factors, chips, and other variants for NFC stickers can be daunting.  For that reason we've put together an NFC starter kit.  It includes a USB reader writer as well as a variety of tags including regular and on-metal stickers, multiple form factors, and four different NFC chips.  In addition to providing a variety of NFC experimentation options, this kit also comes with the customer service support associated with the Tagstand brand.

Tags included:

  • 5 NFC On-metal stickers with the NTAG203
  • 5 NFC clear circle stickers (a.k.a. wet inlays) with the NTAG203 chip
  • 5 NFC clear square sticker with the Topaz 512 chip
  • 5 NFC dry inlays with the Ultralight chip
  • 5 Mifare Classic 1K stickers

Note about the USB reader / writer: This reader by default does not come with any software.  We do, however, have terminal applications in beta that work on Mac OSX and Windows. If you are interested, choose the software option in the drop down box above.  You can also get the Mac software here or the get the Windows software here.  If you have already purchased this software from us, but cannot find the link to download it, please contact us at

See links below if you'd like to develop software yourself:

Low Level Drivers for ACR122U are available here.

Have a special project or a bulk order related to this starter kit?  Want a discount? Looking for custom stickers or something else? Contact us at We'd love to help.

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