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NFC Hacker Starter Kit - USB Writer + Variety Sample NFC Stickers - FREE Software

NFC Hacker Starter Kit - USB Writer + Variety Sample NFC Stickers - FREE Software


For those new to the NFC game, the variety of form factors, chips, and other variants for NFC stickers can be daunting.  For that reason we've put together an NFC starter kit.  It includes a USB reader writer as well as a variety of tags including regular and on-metal stickers, multiple form factors, and four different NFC chips.  In addition to providing a variety of NFC experimentation options, this kit also comes with the customer service support associated with the Tagstand brand.

Tags included:

  • 5 Clear PET circle stickers with NTAG213
  • 5 On-metal stickers with the NTAG213 chip
  • 5 Blank circle stickers with NTAG215
  • 5 Blank circle stickers with NTAG216
  • 5 Mifare Classic 1K stickers

Reader software for Mac OS X or Windows included (beta). 

  • Currently only works on Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Ultralight C, and NTAG213 tags
  • Will only work from the cmd.exe terminal; this is not a GUI or graphical app.
  • Works only with ACR122U and ACR122T
  • Supports making Ultralight tags read-only (write-protection)


The manufacturer of this reader does not provide any softwareWe do include for FREE a beta version of our terminal application that works on Mac OS X or Windows . Please choose the operating system that you require.  Also, note that the included free software may not be compatible with the latest operating system versions and some NFC chips.

See links below if you'd like to develop software yourself:

Low Level Drivers for ACR122U are available here.

Have a special project or a bulk order related to this starter kit?  Want a discount? Looking for custom stickers or something else? Contact us at We'd love to help.

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