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About NFC

NFC (short for "Near Field Communication") allows phones to easily respond and react to objects around them. Imagine a world where you can touch a phone to a poster, a piece of furniture, a tag, a keychain, a business card, anything, and expect an application to respond. NFC makes that possible.

This video shows a phone reading a business card's data simply by touching it to the phone.

NFC Overview

Juniper research projects NFC to be supported by over 150 million phones in the USA by 2014. The first use case for NFC will be payments, and by extension loyalty cards. But a lot more can happen with NFC. It will enable the internet of things. The possibilities are endless and the user experience improvements are clear.

Read more about NFC at our devblog at

NFC Usage

We've compiled a list of demos here to help understand the various applications that NFC might have.

  • Sharing music - a demo of sharing music on Google's Nexus S
  • Sharing photos - a demo of sharing a photo using Nokia phones
  • Foursquare - a demonstration of how NFC could make foursquare checkins much faster and simpler.
  • X-Men Posters - in the UK, X-Men posters were NFC enabled, allowing passers by to interact with them.
  • Life w/ NFC - an MIT Media lab video from 2008 describing how our daily lives might change with NFC enabled phones.
  • Rewards Cards - a company called BadgeIn using NFC tags and stickers to replace rewards cards.
  • Advertising - a demonstration of how NFC helps convert interest to online sales in the DOOH space.
  • Business Cards - a demonstration of how NFC could make exchanging contact info easier and faster.

NFC Supported Phones (USA)

A full list is available here. There are dozens of Android, Nokia, and Blackberry NFC phones in the pipeline. It will also eventually come to the iPhone, my guess is next year. The estimates are that there will be 93m NFC enabled phones shipped worldwide in 2012.