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What can I do with these stickers?

Have a read of our “About NFC” for some examples. You can program the stickers to take users to a website, to launch an app (if it’s already installed), to share contact details, to automate your home/office, or download data.

How do I program these stickers?

You can use an Nexus S phone (available from Best Buy for like $600 without a contract), or buy a specific NFC reader-writer for like $50. On the Nexus S, you can install an app called TagWriter (made by NXP), which allows you to program the stickers. You can also ask us to pre-program the stickers for you.

Are the tags rewritable?

Yes, they are.

How does the Android ICS bug affect me?

This only affects Galaxy Nexus users. There is currently an issue where blank tags will not write. This will be addressed in an upcoming release of Android (it's not app specific). If you order tags with Tagstand Manager, this should not affect you.

Which phones are compatible with NFC?

The list of NFC phones is continually increasing. The main ones are: Google Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S II, Nokia C7/700/701/600/Astound, Motorola MC75A, Blackberry Bold 9900/9930. You can see a more extensive list here. There are dozens of Android, Nokia, and Blackberry NFC phones in the pipeline. It will also eventually come to the iPhone, our guess is in 2012. The estimates are that there will be 80m NFC enabled phones shipped worldwide in 2012. Can you provide stickers in bulk that are pre-programmed to point to a website?

Yes. We can make these read-only so that people scanning the tags can’t edit them.

What does ‘read-only’ mean? Who can edit stickers?

It means that once programmed, the sticker can’t be edited to point to do something else. It’s made read-only at the hardware level. If you want stickers where you can change the URL, but your users can’t, then we can provide these for you through our tags.to service. If you want to write-protect the stickers yourself, you can buy the MiFare Ultralights.

Can you customize the logos on the stickers?

Yes. This is a little more expensive as it requires more work at our end. But we can do it. Simply provide us with your logo. It can be any number of colors. You can also provide us ready-made stickers, and we can NFC enable them.

Is there a minimal order size for customized logos?

Yes. To do a minimum print run for customized logos, you have to order at least 50.

What are the best type of tags for ‘Smart Posters’?

You’d want read-only, weather resistant, metal isolated (normal NFC tags don’t work on metal) tags. Mifare Ultralights should be fine. However, this can vary if you want to store more data directly on the tag (rather than linking to a URL with information). We can provide these.

Can you also do QR codes?

Yes. If you’d like your stickers to also display QR codes, we can set this up. It will be a little more expensive.

Why can’t Mifare 1k Classics be made read-only?

Technically they can be, except the write keys are known only to NXP. These chips are proprietary. It’s best to think of them as great prototyping/testing stickers.

What is the smallest size NFC sticker available?

Our smallest standard sticker is a 25mm diameter circle. Our smallest standard square sticker is 35mm on each side. We wouldn't recommend going smaller than this, because read distances become really small, degrading the user experience. Contact us if you'd like to do smaller stickers anyways.

What are the main differences between regular and metal isolation stickers?

Regular NFC stickers will not work when stuck onto a metal surface because metal interferes with the signal. Metal isolated stickers have a special ferrous layer in between to prevent this interference. This layer adds thickness: the sticker will be as thick as a penny with it (though not as heavy).


If your question isn’t answered here, don’t hesitate to email sales@tagstand.com and we’ll respond.