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NFC Task Launcher

NFC Task Launcher makes NFC useful for every day life.  You can use a single NFC tag to configure your phone or perform actions immediately when it is read.
You can do cool things such as:
  • Turn on Bluetooth, turn off Wifi and Start up your favorite Music app when you place it in a dock or scan a tag in your car
  • Set your ringer to vibrate, dim the display and set an alarm when you scan a tag on your night stand
  • Start up Wifi and automatically connect to your home network when you come home (this also works great for guests so they never have to enter your wireless network info manually)
Because the commands are written to the tag there is no service to sign up for and they work on *any* device with the app installed.  Everyone who scans the tag will have the same actions performed.  The list of possible actions is shown below as well as any task you configure with Tasker.  Actions can be performed in any order and in any combination.  The only limit is what you can come up with!
NOTE: Licensing is done through the market.  If you are having licensing issues please contact us - it's usually a market issue.
If you are looking for some assistance on where to purchase blank NFC tags there are some shops listed on the application website as well as within the "Buy Tags" option of the app menu.  
You can create:
  • Task Tags (options shown below)
  • Profile Tasks (toggle between 2 saved Task tags using 1 NFC tag)
  • vCard Tags
  • Smart URL Tags
  • Text Tags
  • URI Tags (Tel, SMS, Mailto)

Task Tags currently support the following tasks:
  • Enable / Disable / Toggle Wifi
  • Enable / Disable / Toggle Bluetooth
  • Enable Bluetooth Discoverable
  • Enable / Disable / Toggle Airplane mode
  • Launch any installed Application
  • Connect to any known SSID
  • Configure a new Wifi Connection and connect
  • Configure and enable Portable Hotspot
  • Enable / Disable Auto-sync
  • Set Display brightness
  • Enable / Disable auto brightness
  • Launch any Tasker Task (for users of Tasker)
  • Changing Phone Ringtone
  • Change Notification Tone
  • Changing Ringer Mode (Normal/Silent/Vibrate)
  • Changing Ringer Volume
  • Changing Media Volume
  • Changing Alarm Volume
  • Changing Notification Volume
  • Set Alarm (both fixed time and N minutes in the future)
  • Check in using Google Latitude
  • Check in using Foursquare
  • Check in using Facebook
  • Start / Stop media playback
  • Send a tweet on Twitter directly from the tag
NFC Task Launcher Version 2.4 on Google Nexus S:
NFC Task Launcher Various Tag Demos
NFC Task Launcher Car Dock Demo with OEM Dock