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NFC Solutions

Tagstand Outdoors

We help brands and agencies integrate NFC technology into on the ground marketing.

Frictionless NFC experiences, such as smart posters, e-coupons, and digital tickets, can be daunting to set up; we make them simple for marketing folks to use.

For example, we helped Nokia implement a network of over 20,000 tags with dynamic content control across 1,000 retail locations in India. This remains the largest ever NFC enabled outdoor advertising effort to date.

We also helped IPG measure engagement within their marketing lab, via our NFC tag based voting system. 

Learn more at tagstandoutdoors.com.

Tagstand Manager

Tagstand Manager allows you to program and manage your NFC stickers from the web. Forward to urls, display messages, host virtual walls, track analytics and much more. All of our preprogrammed hobbyist starter kits come preprogrammed with Tagstand Manager -- so get one today!

Tagstand Events

Want to enable social checkins or contests/games at your next event?  We can help.  We provide custom wifi-enabled NFC devices, bracelets and services tailored to events of all size.  Just ask the Manhattan Cocktail Classic - we're allowing their guests to keep track of drinks, check in to Facebook, "like" pants that roving bloggers were wearing, auto-tweet, show a twitter wall and more.